chapter  9
More on building control
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As explained in previous chapters, there are two Local Authority bodies that control simple development-the Planning Department and the Building Control Department. It is the latter that enforces the Building Regulations. (See below regarding Approved Inspectors.)

The Building Regulations are not uniform throughout the UK. (Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own regulations.) All references in this book are to the current Building Regulations which are in force in England and Wales. The Building Control system was revised in 1985 and new Building Regulation documents issued. Since then, there have been further amendments, the latest being the 1994 amendments (also known as the 1995 edition because they come into operation on 1st July 1995). It is essential that you obtain a copy of these regulations if you intend to become deeply involved with plan preparation. (Scottish or Northern Irish readers should obtain copies of their own regulations.)

These regulations are to control how a building is constructed and not what it looks like. As previously indicated, the Building Regulations were totally revised in 1985. Although the Regulations themselves now are shorter than the previous regulations, they now refer to subsidiary documents (called Approved Documents) and taken as a whole the Building Regulations are far longer and more comprehensive than ever before. Since 1985, various amendments have been introduced and the original Approved Documents have largely been replaced.