chapter  6
Dana immaculate and divine children: The X-Files
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If U.S.-dominated 1980s television mirrored the cultural excesses of wealth, power and yuppiedom – Dallas (1978-1991), Dynasty (1981-1989) and LA Law (1986-1994) – then the 1990s, by way of apology or novelty, was excessively numinous. The Fox Network’s The X-Files (1993-2002), one in a stream of small screen spins on myth, spirituality and pop-psychology, took the Jungian road less traveled by milking the analogy between the search for UFOs and the search for the divine. Wanting was no longer about material avarice. Although creator Chris Carter used the hunt for extraterrestrials as a device to play with unconscious drives and eruptions, his most deep-rooted hook into the psyche revolved around variations of the divine child motif; the more potent allusion to the Self throughout the series.