chapter  11
1Grotesques, Bakhtin and rupture: Absolutely Fabulous
Pages 22

After the intensity of the last chapter it’s a relief to talk of excess and nonfixity (sexual or otherwise) as liberating rather than symptomatic of emotional inertia. While Intimacy’s Jay and Claire, with their tangled Wednesday trysts, may find it difficult to embody anything authentically Dionysian, Vicky Pollard, Little Britain’s chav princess mentioned briefly in Chapter 2, would be right at home with the grotesqueries of this chapter. Although she’s had a fair amount of cult exposure in the United Kingdom, Vicky and her breed of second wave trickster-cum-grotesques have yet to eclipse the global longevity of their televisual forerunners Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon, the loud, middle-aged and ribald exhibitionists from the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, a.k.a. AbFab (1992-).