chapter  9
Same Otha Shit
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With How I Do, the Philly-born Res (pronounced "Reese") will naturally be compared to her Philly soul cohorts, but no one will ever mistake Res's sound with that of Jill Scott or anything produced by Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson or the Soulquarians. As a postintegration baby who did the Catholic prep thing (as opposed to the Philadelphia arts academy thing that is responsible for so many in the current crop of Philly soul elite), the twenty-three-year-old Res was exposed to wide array of music ranging from the Italian arias that she began singing at age fourteen to the music of Annie Lennox, Pearl J am, and the Roots. This is not as eclectic a brew of music as one might suspect, but is reflective of the diverse landscape of contemporary music and the ease with which audiences-if they so choose-can cross musical boundaries. The fact that Jay Z could use the music of Alana Davis for his chilling "There's Been a Murder" gives an indication that the diversity that black radio claims that "urban" audiences don't appreciate is more likely a product of programmers and Artists and Repetoire folks wanting to have better control over the tastes of those audiences. According to Res,

with her project "the vision was to put everything I 1ike-the hip-hop, the rock, the pop, the drum 'n' bass stuff-into one sound."l To achieve that seeming1y elusive mix, Res emp10yed the services ofDOC, who was 1argely responsib1e for Esthero's Breath from Another (1998). It was with DOC's production that Res was ab1e to achieve the guitar-based hiphop vibe that she desired, one that didn't come off as cheesy.