chapter  14
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Boundary Violations

There exist historians of the eighteenth century who refuse to deal with Freemasonry. Their "reasoning" seems to run as foliows: "The masons believed in mumbo jumbo. I do not believe in mumbo jumbo. Therefore the masons are unimportant-indeed, virtually nonexistent." The eye in the pyramid stares out of everyone's pocket, yet still these historians refuse to admit that masonry has any historical significance. Nowadays, thousands are afflicted with alien encounters, and UFO sexual molestations occur by the hundreds; countless others are afflicted with memories of satanic abu se. But according to serious science, neither Satan nor UFOs exist, therefore the abduction hysteria has no historical significance and can scarcely be said to exist. Right? No, wrong. Obviously UFOs and UFO hysteria can be considered as two different things, lacking all ontological codependency. That is, UFOs may or may not "exist," but they need not exist (except perhaps as an "archetype") in order to arouse the interest ofhistorians in the hysteria and induce them to attempt to interpret it. The hysteria is real and important,-"history in the making" as the newsreels used to squawk-but its significance remains buried because "science" has mistaken the content of hysteria for its inner structure.