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The integrity of history
ByAntoon De Baets

Some stories are waiting to be told and are meant to be told. Things happen and later you investigate them and think: this is worth a story. That is how some of the best works of history are born. Other stories are waiting to be told but are not meant to be told. Things happen, but from the start they are mixed with lies, erasure, secrecy, and denial. They seem to need concealment. Welcome to the world of censorship: the stories that were never meant to be told. Investigating such stories is difficult. How to look into things that are not there anymore, not because of the natural passage of time but because of malignant intervention? Stories become puzzles. They multiply: we want to hear the censored stories in uncensored versions and, in addition, we want to hear the stories of how and why they were censored in the first place. This book contributes to the history of the censorship of history. It takes a look behind the curtains where censors cut stories only to paint a polished version of the past that suits them. George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read any books except the books nobody reads.” 1 Exposing the censorship of history is the beginning of its end.