chapter  9
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The Structure of the Atom

WithTheodor Wulf

This chapter talks about the structure of the atom. The positive and negative charges in atoms are separated from one another. Anyone who wishes to hold the opposite point of view would maintain that the electrons spread themselves out or at least possess continuity and can mix with the positive charges. Such an assumption would be quite arbitrary, and there is no single known fact which supports it. However, there are numerous phenomena which quite definitely contradict it. On many occasions the authors have succeeded in separating the two types of electricity from one another—in fact they might say that all phenomena which have led to the discovery of the electron, and which have just been mentioned, support this view. In Bohr's theory of the atom, where the charges, radii of the orbits, and the velocities of the electrons are all fixed, it is possible to calculate as a matter of course the magnetic moments due to the individual electrons.