chapter  3
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After the Family—What?

AMERICAN family life in large cities is admittedly on the wane. This is shown in many different ways: by the greater number of divorces, fewer marriages, increased age of the men at marriage, fewer children among the well-to-do, the great increase in the number of men who have playmates and in the number of women who are interested in men other than their husbands. Just as surely but along different Knes is the same trend shown in the ever-increasing number of boys' and girls' camps which take the children away from the home for the whole of the summer and in the number of children who go to boarding-school while their parents go to Europe. The latest invention is the outdoor winter camp to take the children from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. Parents are becoming ever more willing to shunt the care of the children into well-trained hands. The kindergartens even in great universities now take youngsters at 18 months, and in at least two institutions, infants are taken at or near birth for observation and psychological care.