chapter  2
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Sadistic Tendencies in Parents

I N the ancien regime there were but two estates that counted: the nobility and the clergy. A hundred odd years ago the third estate was discovered and its rights established: the middle class or commonalty. Since then the fourth estate, the proletariat, has long ago fallen into line. And behind it there already is standing the fifth, made up of the crowd of those who, deprived of civic rights, have hitherto been unable to organize themselves: criminals, prostitutes and other so-called dissocial elements. I t may be that a sixth and a seventh estate will yet appear. The last estate of all, and one that embraces a great part of humanity, is the child estate, whose members-owing to maladjustment on the part of parents and teachers —are not allowed to live in their own way. I t is not by chance that even the children of the wealthy prefer to sit in the kitchen, and to fraternize with those who are troubled and burdened, as well as with animals. They feel that they are among those who are degraded and humiliated.