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The five standard promotional offers

WithMullin Roddy

There are five traditional promotional offer types for all the variety of promotional objectives. The offers: Off-the-shelf offers, Insurance offers, Reduced price offers, Repurchase offers and Credit offers. A long-running off-the-shelf promotion was the offer of collectables, such as model cars, and now plants. The company wanted something that would appeal to a wide range of people; this promotion worked by attracting the right people to the right site. A long-established example of sample promotions is a free packet of washing powder in new washing machines. Charity promotions – or cause-related marketing – take many forms. The evidence is that customers are more likely to buy from firms that are seen to contribute to social and environmental needs. A promotion that attracts the retailer but not the consumer may work; a promotion that attracts the consumer but not the retailer is unlikely to get off the starting blocks.