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In-house activity in support of implementation

WithMullin Roddy

Analysis of potential risks and opportunities should produce contingencies and crisis plans that are ready to run. This should include promotions with promotional offers that can be implemented at short notice. Business objectives need to be considered and a business plan produced. From this will follow marketing objectives and a marketing plan. Teams can then set about the implementation of the plans and running the day-to-day operation. Promotions arise from the marketing plan. Recording the measuring of success or otherwise of any marketing activity, including promotions, should be stored in a corporate memory facility. Separate functions, such as finance, production, sales and marketing, continue to exist in firms and they can be managed well or badly. The structure and organisation of the business needs to truly serve and match the customer need and have a customer focus in all operations; the resources must be in place to fully understand the customer and the support service be just that, supporting.