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Promotion and the law

WithMullin Roddy

The biggest change is that the 2005 Act allows lotteries in a promotion – or, to be exact, it redefines 'lottery'. Promotion is a practical, nuts-and-bolts affair and there are a lot of detailed rules to follow both in the codes and in legislation. There are also some broad principles that reflect good business practice. Promotional activity in the United Kingdom has long operated under the dual constraints of self-regulation and compliance with formal laws from Parliament. In 1890, the leading poster companies set up a Joint Censorship Committee to exclude objectionable posters and this was soon followed by the first major piece of legislation for the industry, the Advertising Regulations Act, which gave local authorities power to control poster hoardings. Both these developments concerned posters – then the most publicly intrusive form of advertising – but self-regulation and the law cover all forms of marketing from online to direct mail, radio to video-on-demand.