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Promotional marketing

How it fits into a business and its marketing purpose
WithMullin Roddy

The 'Market Insight' tool finds out customer needs, competitor activity and 'whole market' or category intelligence. A promotion is the culmination of a process. The process starts with the vision of the owners of a business or the leaders of an organisation. Promotions, normally effective over a limited period, are used to add fun and provide real and clearly perceived benefit to customers. Any business activity benefits from being planned in a strategic manner. Business success is always an interplay between short-term and long-term, tactical and strategic. The marketing plan sets out the marketing activities that are to be undertaken to promote, communicate and persuade customers to change their behaviour and attitude favourably towards a supplier, accepting the business's offer. The selected activities are the promotional marketing objectives. For example, a business might advertise, attend a trade show and use direct mail from the promotional mix to obtain new customers.