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The shopper/buyer

WithMullin Roddy

The shopper/buyer has become more powerful because of two things: near universal communication and the access a shopper/buyer has to an amazing amount of information about brands, products and services. The shopper/buyer builds 'mind files' on his or her journey to purchase – about brands, products, services, around; let us call it a collection of 'hooks' inside the subconscious part of the brain. Each hook is different for each shopper/buyer. The shopper may be consciously smart, sophisticated, cynical of marketing and advertising, time scarce and highly selective, but his or her subconscious will be working the whole time. Heightened emotion associated with a promotion, work, professional recognition, being on holiday or being in love can encourage the shopper/buyer to bypass normal caution and restraint. Shoppers are generally immune to messages that are unrelated to a category in which they are interested.