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Why creativity is key

WithMullin Roddy

Creativity is a much-misunderstood word. For some people, it is the opposite of order and structure. In promotions, creativity does not mean free expression, exciting pictures, clever copy or off-the-wall concepts. It means generating the most effective concept possible. In this, it goes back to the original meaning of creation or creativity. Diminishing creativity is a sad fact of life that, as people grow older, fewer and fewer show signs of creative ability. The statement of the promotional objective in that case and in many others is creative in itself. In this case, the creative process then had to find a way of getting guests to talk about the hotel. Business hotels are not something one normally talks about – except in negative terms – as they are fundamentally similar across the globe. Creativity is about finding effective solutions. It requires the ability to think laterally and imaginatively, which can be developed with practice.