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WithMullin Roddy

All promotions need suppliers. This chapter describes them and deals with how to select and use them. Promotions are different from one to the other, so each promotion often needs different suppliers from the last one. There are many different ways that promotion agencies originate, and this is reflected in their continuing diversity of structure. A relationship with a promotion agency normally starts with a pitch. The Marketing Agencies Association and the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers have devised a set of guidance notes for pitches. There are five key attributes that companies normally look for in their promotion agencies, which form a handy checklist for selection: creativity, communication skills, budget control, good service and good track record. PIMS-SCA produces a 'Guide to promotional risk management' booklet detailing all promotion mechanics and the factors to take into consideration plus anticipated response rates – see 'Further information' for details of how to contact them.