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Media and non-participative promotion

Communications with no promotional offer
WithMullin Roddy

This chapter examines the plethora of ways with which to communicate with the customer/shopper through a wide variety of marketing communications, and mentions those that require no action on the part of anyone receiving the message. The persuasiveness of the different media will of course vary for each customer – depending on a number of social and cultural factors. The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising stated that three proved to be the most effective number of advertising media to drive hard business measures but 'the more the merrier' applied for intermediate measures. Econsultancy has produced a 'Marketing Automation 2015 A Buyers Guide', suggesting which media to use. The guide describes which firms undertake analytic work. The engram research supports a stacking of media, both non-participative and individually targeted media as described above, but to trigger the tipping point, use a promotion applying it across all media.