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Shopper/buyer-activated promotions

WithMullin Roddy

Accept that the technology may be mind-boggling and realise that this is – and that's how people communicate, but the need for marketing messages and promotions is at least just the same or greater. When information on any product, service or brand is sought, the shopper/buyer can access a communication device to find the answers 24/7. The shopper scans with their camera/app a retail environment with their mobile, and geo-targeting will respond with a series of butterflies viewed across the camera screen. Understanding social sentiment that differentiates between positive and negative feedback helps marketers establish the shoppers pulse, but also allows the marketer to harvest and to use the shoppers' language in subsequent messages. The key to get the shopper buyer to notice and respond is to think really creatively and, through intrigue and curiosity with a value or price promotion, get a response.