chapter  XII
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Pluralism and Relativism

No comparative study of science and religion would be complete if it omitted reference to the perplexing phenomenon of religious pluralism and relativism. It is well known that there are many religions and that they make conflicting truth-claims about God, nature and man, aside from other kinds of claims and demands on which they disagree. The question is in what sense this can or cannot be said to be the case actually, what it signifies, and finally how it can be so. Apparently there is nothing like it in science. Why not? Does it imply that “truth” is relative and pluralistic in religion, while in science it is not? It would of course not be appropriate to the purposes and scope of this book to undertake in it an exhaustive treatment of this difficult subject. I shall therefore consider it here only to the extent to which it can contribute further to our understanding of the nature of science and religion.