chapter  6
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Divinity according to the Buddhist Tantras

Niiro-pada, in his Vajrapada-siira-smrzgraha-pafijikii (PTT. Vol. 54, p. 1 1 -2), inaugurates his deity chapter by two citations to explain the word "divinity" (devatii). The (Kiilacakra work) Vima/aprabhii states : Because conventional ecstasy has arisen in the body's nature of five elements, one speaks of "divinity." And the Sri-Vajriimrta-tantra states : Why does one speak of "divinity" ? In the body is located the body possessor ; in order to comprehend, there is the "comprehender" ; in order to comprehend one­ self, there is divinity. For that reason, one speaks of "divinity" .