chapter  9
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Symbolism of the Mai)<Jala-Palace

The Tibetan diagrams called ma1Jr.fala, usually in the form of square paintings, have aroused much interest in the West. These malJr.falas are especially depicted with an ornamented circular border which encloses a two-dimensional form of a four-sided palace . The present study is not meant to convey a thorough account of the rich symbolism involved, but to show what light can be cast on the subject by selected passages from authoritative works. For this purpose, the abbreviation PTT with volume number will be used for citations from the Japanese photographic edition of the Peking Tibetan canon. The abbreviation Snags rim refers to Tsoft­ kha-pa's Snags rim chen mo in a separate Peking blockprint. The works of Ratniikarasanti (known to the Tibetans as Santi-pa) have been especially helpful.