chapter  11
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Twilight Language and a Tantric Song

Candrakirti 's definition of sandhyti bhtiLa is extant in the Bihar manu­ script of the Pradipoddyotana (Plate I, 2d folio) and I transcribe the passage exactly as it occurs : I visiLtaruci-sattvtintif!'l dharmatattvaprakti­ sanalfl I viruddhtiltipayogena yat tat sandhyayabhti#talfl I "Whichever one reveals a truth of nature for sentient beings having superior zeal, and by the method of ambiguous discourse (viruddhdltipa)-that one is expressed in the manner of saf!'ldhi". (Here I assume a scribal corruption in the form sandhytiyabhd#talfl ; it should read sandhyabhd#talfl but theoretically could be sandhtiyabhtiLita!Jl). Unfortunately definition of the negative alternative, na sandhytibhtiҝ·ita!Jl is missing from the manuscript. It is easily translated from Tibetan : "Whichever one teaches with certainty a truth for the comprehension of sentient beings having dull senses and in a very clear way-that one is not expressed in the manner of saf!'ldhi."