chapter  1
The Nihilistic-Negative Extreme
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It is therefore the primary purpose of this treatise to offer material for a clear demarcation of the Buddha's doctrine of Nibbana from both misinterpretations of it. It is not the intention of these pages to encourage any speculations on the nature of Nibbana, which are bound to be futile and may even prove to be detrimental to the endeavours for an actual attainment of it. According to an elucidation of the four Noble Truths, as found in the texts, Nibbana, the third Truth, is to be realized (sacchikiitabba1ft), not to be understood (as the first Truth), nor to be developed (as the fourth Truth). It must also be emphasized here that it will be improper to use the material presented here, in a one-sided manner as an argument in favour of either of the extremes against the other one. Each of the two main sections of this treatise requires the other for its qualification and completion. It is hoped that the material from canonical and commentarial sources collected in these pages, will at least reduce the points of conflict between the opposing interpretations, by clarifying the position of Theravada.