chapter  VII
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Application of the Dialectic

T HE application of the dialectic to some of the important categories of thought such as causality, motion, substance and quality, and self may be considered. This will show the concrete procedure of the dialectic, and help us in under-

standing its value as an organon of criticism. In fact this might have well preceded the general considerations of the dialectic; but in the interests of exposition the order has been reversed. It is not possible to exhaust the concrete applications of the dialectic or even to enumerate the general spheres with any measure of adequacy. The applications will be many and varied according to the opponent criticised and the occasion calling for criticism. In a system which is all dialectic, progress or development could be measured not in terms of doctrinal accretion, but in the criticism that it levels against particular systems and doctrines from time to time. Not having a content itself, the Madhyamika dialectic receives its orientation from its criticism of human thought at every stage of its history. The dialectic performs the high office of philosophy in analysing the "absolute pre-suppositions" of thought. As analysis, the application will not add to the presuppositions, but only make us aware of them.