chapter  6
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Commerce with the invisible

For Islam man exceeds in dignity the whole of creation and contains within himself the wonders that bear witness to the divine majesty. Second in relation to God, he is first in relation to every other creature. He is the link between natura naturata and ens natuvans. And it is no accident if he possesses at once a soul, a sex and responsibility. For the Quran, responsibility is grounded in love. So much so that the traditional exegesis is not afraid to give a sexual meaning to the famous quranic verse concerning the 'remembrance' offered by God to the heavens and the earth, which rejected it, and that only man accepted. Sexuality is a precious 'remembrance' or gift entrusted to man's safe keeping.1 This great juvenile lead of creation lives in a world peopled by the invisible. And relations with the invisible are also of a sexual order.