chapter  8
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The sexual and the sacral

A famous saying of the Prophet recommends: 'Always marry, never divorce. God certainly docs not love tasters.'14 Paradoxical as it may seem, 'Don Juanism' and Islam are not compatible.

According to the same reasoning, getting others to marry is a work of piety. The ethics of marriage are far-reaching. One must help others to get married. Parents must do all they can to assist the marriage of those placed in their charge. The Quran says explicitly: 'Marry the spouseless among you and your slaves and handmaidens that are righteous; if they are poor, God will enrich them of His bounty.'15 A pious son must watch over the chastity of a father who has been made a widower by helping him to marry again. This duty of the ta`fif is no less important than that of the kafāla (food pension).