chapter  5
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Towards a Fair System

The despair of the inter-war years had hit education hard, but new hope was born in the war and the 1944 Act was rightly heralded as the dawn of a new educational era. The definitions that were explicit and implicit in the overall redefinition were marked more by the attempt to be fair than by any other single aim. But detailed implementation was as usual left to occur within the range of tolerance permitted by the legislation, and the assumptions reigning among those in power in the government and the Ministry in the late forties were based on what advanced thought of the thirties had considered fairness to be. Very soon after the war the idea of what was meant by 'fair' began to change. Educational policies based on this new thinking were soon formulated. As a result the organization of the system as it was developing came in for much criticism. In particular, the mode of selection for and organization of secondary education were constant topics for private discussion and public pronouncements.