chapter  4
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The Expansion of the System

The definition of education which was made around the turn of the century allowed for the development of a coordinated system of education that would include the elementary, secondary and technical sectors. The state system could even push forward into higher education since teacher training was included within the scope of the 1902 Act. The civic universities were not seen as on the state's agenda though money was being given to them. Yet the definition of education was much broader than that of 1870. As the English educational system grew, it had become more complex and, since the range of tolerance permitted by the 1902 Act was wide, there was the possibility both of autonomous development within the system and of further differentiation into such sectors as those dealing with the health and welfare of children. These fields might be thought peripheral to education, but unless they were given some consideration there would not be full use of the resources allocated to the educational system, since sick and hungry children make poor pupils.