chapter  6
Pinocchio Perverted, Pinocchio Preserved: Four Early Continuations of the Puppet's Tale
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Pinocchio is an icon, a myth, and a commodity. Scarcely had Collodi's little book made the journey across the sea before other writers tried to capitalize on the puppet's success by offering continuations of his original story. Publishing unauthorized continuations that piggyback on the popularity of wellknown texts is a practice much older than Pinocchio, as alleged fifth books of Gulliver's Travels and many Robinsonades based on Robinson Crusoe demonstrate. It would come as no surprise to us if most readers had never read, or had never even heard of the Pinocchio continuations under discussion here. Two-The Heart of Pinocchio (1919) and Hi HoI Pinocchio (1940) were in print in the United States for only a few years; the other twoPinocchio in America (1928) and Pinocchio in Africa (191 I)-lasted longer, but neither has been in print for nearly fifty years. Furthermore, none is even remotely a match for Collodi's masterpiece.