The Moralistic, Religious Stage
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The Brahmajala Sutta, the first in the Digha Nikaya, enumerates a number of the philosophical systems that existed, if not actually during the lifetime of Gotama, then soon after the Buddha's demise. The second Digha sutta, the Samafifiaphala, which extols the fruits of the life of the recluse, is also extremely early. Little younger can be the remaining ten suttas which, together with the Brahmajala and Samafifiaphala, go to form the Sila Vagga. Thereafter, in the broadest chronological sequence, there come the suttas of (a) the Majjhima Nikaya, (h) the Sarp.yutta, (c) the Anguttara, and Cd) the remaining two-thirds of the Digha.