The Buddha's Code of Mere Morality
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With my mind's eye 1 clearly see him, the (true) Brcihmatt, night and day; 1 lighten the night with his praises, and at no time does he seem to he away from me. (II 42)

Gotama's words never fail to give me confidence, to give me joy, to stimulate my mind; and wheresoever they lead me there 1 go. (1I43)

Old is my hody, heavy and frail: it moves not with my fleeter thoughts. But strong is my purpose, strong my heart-and oh, my heart is his indeed! (1144)

The Short Section Putting away the killing of living things, the ascetic Gotama holds aloof from the destruction of life. He has laid aside the cudgel and the sword, and ashamed of roughness, and full of mercy, he dwells compassionate and kind to all creatures that have life.-This is reckoned in him as morality.