The Primitive Pāṭimokkha
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Whereas some recluses and brahmal).s, while living on food provided by the faithful, earn a living by wrong means of livelihood, by low arts, such as-Vowing gifts to a god if a certain benefit be granted. Paying such vows. Repeating charms while lodging in an earthen house. Causing virility or impotency by means of spells. Fixing on lucky sites for dwellings. Consecrating sites. Ceremonial rinsings of the mouth. Ceremonial bathings (of other people). Offering sacrifices. Administering emetics and purgatives. r Purging people to relieve the head (that is, by giving drugs to make people sneeze). Oiling people's ears. Treating people's eyes (with medicinal drops). Administering drugs through the nose. Applying collyrium to the eyes. Giving medicinal ointment for the eyes. Practising as an oculist. Practising as a surgeon, or as a children's doctor. Administering roots and drugs, or medicines in rotation-the ascetic Gotama holds aloof from such low arts.