chapter  2
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This extension of life has not, of course, been limited to one sex only, but as the following table shows, it is more marked for women than for men in all the countries under consideration:

Do most women subjectively adapt themselves to the full realization of their altered physical condition? It is difficult to say,

because the old stereotypes continue to exist, very much unchanged, side by side with the new ideals. 'Grandmother' is still pictured in advertising as a sweet, slightly decrepit old lady with white hair-the favourite pose being that during the hour of story-telling to curly-haired grandchildren. The fact that women become grandmothers in their forties or early fifties and that they need not, as an age-type, look much different from Marlene Dietrich, will probably influence mass cliches only fifty years from now-despite contemporary advertisers of cosmetics, hair-tints, etc., who try to persuade women that they can look 20 at 65.