chapter  1
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An ever-changing world

WithDouglas Commaille

Nelson Mandela is familiar and respected around the world. He became so well known that it seemed that anyone with a pulse was photographed with him; he is perhaps one of the most global of Personal Brands over the years since his release from imprisonment in 1990. Mandela not only embodied the transition of South Africa out of the racist policy of Apartheid, but also stood for the struggle the entire country had to go through over many decades to rid itself of it. Mandela used his authority to build his own global brand. In a speech on 11 February 1990, in Cape Town, he sowed the seeds of his style by openly recognising that F. W. de Klerk had done more than any other president to facilitate his release, but he was equally clear that universal suffrage was his goal for the people of his country. His consistency was essential to the development of his brand and his objective.