chapter  Chapter 1
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Fabrication and Classification of Nanomaterials

WithVladimir I. Gavrilenko

Fabrication of nanomaterials is a new and exciting area of research that investigates, among other things, the use of nano-size particles in technological applications. The production of nanomaterials in a controlled and predictable way requires both a fundamental understanding of nano-scale properties and new paradigms for synthesis. Research must focus on extending and applying fundamental knowledge to the development of scalable, cost-effective nanomaterial synthesis; manufacturing processes; and the integration of nanomaterials into final products. Scientists have dealt with the fabrication of nanomaterials for much longer than a century. The chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique is one of the key technologies widely used for fabrication of layered nanostructures. Very promising for fabrication of nanostructures is the atomic layer deposition (ALD) method, which belongs to the CVD technique suitable for manufacturing inorganic material layers with thickness down to a fraction of a monolayer’s. The ALD has the capability to coat extremely complex shapes with a conformal material layer of high quality.