chapter  12
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WithRavi Gupta, S. R. Pandi Perumal, Ahmed S. BaHammam

This chapter discusses the artifacts during a sleep study. It focuses on fix the artifacts during the sleep study. In polysomnography, the artifact is defined as any abnormal signal that is neither physiological nor pathological but still appears in the recording because of various reasons impedance problems, movements, electrical spilling, poor filter setting, etc. signals for sleep staging are picked through electrodes placed on the scalp, face, and sub-mentalis muscles. Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals originate in the brain and before being picked up by the electrode, they have to travel through the skull, scalp and other anatomical structures in the vicinity. These signals are electrical in nature. Because of these issues, these are liable to alter in a variety of situations. Many times, a number of artifacts may appear in any of the Polysomnography (PSG) channels. Artifacts arising secondary to the head-box or amplifier problems are widespread.