chapter  21
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Writing an Informative Report

WithRavi Gupta, S. R. Pandi Perumal, Ahmed S. BaHammam

This chapter explores an informative report that can be understood by any medical person. The organization of a sleep study report is dependent on the needs of the end user. Reports do come with superfluous amounts of data, which, fortunately, can be customized according to the needs of the users. For in-depth analysis and research purposes, a report can contain multiple tables, statistics, graphs, and charts. Important sleep parameters that must appear in the report include a summary of sleep architecture, respiratory events, oxygen saturation levels, limb movements, arousals, and heart rate. While writing the report, it must be considered that a physician who does not specialize in sleep medicine is able to understand the interpretation of the report. The physician should be able to provide a clear opinion and modify his/her own treatment, if required. Sleep study report generated in a standard performa often has multiple tables and a page that shows the graphical representation of data.