chapter  22
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Guidelines for Supplemental Oxygen

WithRavi Gupta, S. R. Pandi Perumal, Ahmed S. BaHammam

This chapter discusses the institute oxygen therapy during sleep study. It provides oxygen therapy using the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) guidelines. Oxygen is a gaseous element that forms 21% of the inhaled air. Oxygen is considered a drug, and hence, it is administered in accordance with the institution policy and procedure. Medical oxygen is present in three common methods: compressed gas, liquid form, and oxygen concentrator. In the sleep disorders center (SDC), desaturation events related to sleep-disordered breathing are commonly seen. In most cases, the use of positive airway pressure is sufficient to maintain a patient's oxygen level within a normal range. Oxygen as a chemical substance has potential dangers. Although oxygen is not flammable by itself, it strongly enhances combustion. If oxygen cylinders are used, it should be realized that oxygen is stored in the cylinders under very high pressure; hence, cylinders must be secured from falling and must be stored away from heating sources.