chapter  9
24 Pages

Minimal Recording Parameters and Extended Montage

WithRavi Gupta, S. R. Pandi Perumal, Ahmed S. BaHammam

This chapter discusses the minimum recordable parameters during an attended sleep study. It focuses on reason the importance for including these parameters. The chapter analyses enumerate the optional parameters and their utility. It discusses the extended parameters in special situations. The aim of the polysomnography is to obtain the data to arrive at a diagnosis, which, in turn, can help in the formulation of an optimal treatment plan. It translates into symptom resolution, improvement in the quality of life, and increased productivity of the patient. Sleep disorders rarely occur in isolation and many times co-morbid disorders influence the courses of a sleep disorder, or at times, two-sleep disorders are seen together. An Electromyogram (EMG) is required to score the sleep stage as well as the abnormal movements during sleep. Some patients may have arrhythmia during sleep, especially during obstructive sleep apnea, or may have sleep-related asystole that worsens the sleep quality, or may develop ischemia during sleep due to hypoxemia.