chapter  XII
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Cow Protection

ByM.K. Gandhi, Neerja Arun Gupta

The Hindu scriptures alone seem to have enjoined cow protection on its followers. If the cow has to be protected purely from selfish motives, on account of its continuous utility from its birth till after its death, cow protection should have become universal and not confined to the Hindus alone, for, mankind by instinct is selfish. The motive that actuates cow protection is not 'purely selfish', though selfish consideration undoubtedly enters into it. The philosophy of cow protection, therefore, is, in my opinion, sublime. It immediately puts the animal creation on the same level with man so far as the right to live is concerned. But it is no part of Hinduism to prevent by force cow slaughter by those who do not believe in cow protection. Cow protection is the dearest possession of the Hindu heart. No one who does not believe in cow protection can possibly be a Hindu. It is a noble belief.