chapter  XVI
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Brahmana – Non-Brahmana

ByM.K. Gandhi, Neerja Arun Gupta

No man can be accepted as a brahmana by society merely by reason of his birth. The shastras themselves say that a born brahmana who does not act according to the requirements of Brahmanism will forfeit his right to be called a brahmana by the people in general. The brahmana is the person who has realized Brahma, if he has not that realization in every act of his, he shows that he is ever after it and nothing else. Gandhiji referred to a letter he had received complaining that the hopelessly insignificant minority of the brahmanas was faring badly, in that the admission of brahmana boys and girls to colleges and services was becoming increasingly difficult because of the anti-brahmana movement. A brahmana's duty was to know God and to enable others to do likewise. And the right that was derived from the duty would be to be fed and clothed decently and honourably by the community which he served.