chapter  XIX
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Marriage and Widowhood

ByM.K. Gandhi, Neerja Arun Gupta

At the time of the marriage of a girl 16 years old, the daughter of a moneyed man Sheth Lalchand, the father is reported to have curtailed the expenditure to a minimum and given the marriage ceremonial a religious and dignified form. Surely, it is impossible for parents who have most solemnly and by religious rites renounced all claims on their daughter in favour of their son-in-law, to give her in marriage after his death to another person. The least that a parent, who has so abused his trust as to give in marriage an infant to an old man in his dotage or to a boy hardly out of his teens, can do is to purge himself of his sin by remarrying the daughter when she becomes widowed. If an age-limit for widow-remarriage really felt to be necessary in the welfare of society, should it not be equally necessary to fix an age-limit for remarriage of widowers?.