chapter  XXI
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ByM.K. Gandhi, Neerja Arun Gupta

The full and proper meaning of brahmacharya is search of Brahman. Brahman pervades every being and can therefore be searched by diving into and realizing the inner self. This realization is impossible without complete control of the senses. Brahmacharya thus means control in thought, word and action, of all the senses at all times and in all places. The ordinary accepted sense of brahmacharya is the control in thought, word and action of animal passion. And it is quite proper thus to restrict its meaning. It has been thought to be very difficult to practice this brahmacharya. It is also the experience of our physicians that a body enfeebled by disease is always a favourite abode of carnal desire, and brahmacharya by an enfeebled race is difficult to practise naturally. It is self-evident that to find out God's law requires far harder labour. The law may, in one word, be termed brahmacharya. The straight way to cultivate brahmacharya is Ramanama.