chapter  III
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Varna and Dharma

ByM.K. Gandhi, Neerja Arun Gupta

As years go by, the conviction is daily growing upon me that varna is the law of man's being and therefore as necessary for Christianity and Islam, as it has been necessary for Hinduism and has been its saving. In this conception of varna, there is absolutely no idea of superiority and inferiority. So far as the multiplicity of castes apart from Varna Dharma is concerned, they are essentially trade guilds of societies, with intermarriage and interdining restrictions of a more or less rigid character superimposed upon them. Varna Dharma having become distorted gave rise to untouchability. There was no deliberate wickedness, but the result was a human tragedy. Everyone will admit that Hinduism is nothing without the law of varna and ashrama. It would be impossible to find any Smriti work of which a large part was not devoted to Varnashrama Dharma.