chapter  VII
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Religious Education

ByM.K. Gandhi, Neerja Arun Gupta

The question of religious education is very difficult. Gandhiji: Yet we cannot do without it. India will never be godless. Rank atheism cannot flourish in this land. The task is indeed difficult. Our religious teachers are hypocritical and selfish; they will have to be approached. The mullas, the dasturs and the brahmanas hold the key in their hands, but if they will not have the good sense, the energy that we have derived from English education will have to be devoted to religious education. If Hindu students may not read the Gita they may not read any religious works at all. Indeed the original conception in Hinduism is that the student life is the life of a brahmachari who should begin it with a knowledge of religion coupled with practice so that he may digest what he learns and weave religious conduct into his life.