chapter  IX
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Equality of Religions

ByM.K. Gandhi, Neerja Arun Gupta

There is in Hinduism room enough for Jesus, as there is for Mohammed, Zoroaster and Moses. The different religions are beautiful flowers from the same garden, or they are branches of the same majestic tree. All men are born free and equal, but one is much stronger or weaker than another physically and mentally. Therefore, superficially there is no equality between the two. But there is an essential equality. For if regarding one's own religion as the best means regarding other religions as inferior to one's own, there is an end to peace. Behind the desire to convert is the belief that one's religion is superior to that of the one whom one seeks to convert. In other words, just as one's own mother is best for oneself, so is everyone's religion the best, each for himself; just as one's own country is best for oneself, every one's religion is best, each for self.