chapter  5
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People typically imagine counselors or other helping professionals at work in settings like schools, mental health centers, hospitals, or private practices. Many people believe that counselors primarily help people who are having problems. These are not the only settings where counselors work. For example, in recent years, both small businesses and major corporations have come to realize that in running an effective business, their most valuable resources are their employees. Additionally, the labor market has undergone significant changes in

terms of workers and the type of work performed. In response to these factors, programs that address employees' needs for personal and professional development have proliferated-there has been an increased demand for people with counseling skills to work in business and industry. Counselors in these settings do not always fill the traditional role of counseling people about their personal problems; instead, they often combine counseling and consultation skills with specialized business knowledge. This chapter addresses the diverse roles and responsibilities of counselors in business and industry.