chapter  4
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Sara Johnson slowly wakes up, stretches, and begins thinking of her busy day ahead. She loves being a junior at State University. She has to remember to see Dean Marshall about final plans for Diversity Awareness Week on her way to economics class. She needs to see a financial aid counselor to check into her application for loans and the Career Center sent her a notice that the applications for Summer internships were due Friday so she needs to get her academic advisor's signature. She has to remember to go to that workshop the Counseling Center is doing on "Helping Friends who have Eating Disorders" before work in the Admissions Office. She has a Resident Assistant staff meeting tonight at 9 after her last class. She gets her roommate, Marissa, up early so she can make it to her study skills class in the Learning Assistance Center. At breakfast, Sara says, "You know, Marissa, it just hit me that there are people all over campus who have terrific jobs and get to help students in lots of ways. I think I'd like to do that too!" Later, at the Career Center she learns that there are over 3,700 colleges and universities in the United States serving more than 13 million students every year. Every one of these institutions has from 10-300 staff working with counseling, developing, advising, and teaching students.