chapter  2
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A review of transportation and location models

This chapter discusses each of the major submodels of an integrated transportation and location model system and in terms of a simple numerical example. It describes a simple residence–location model is developed. Several illustrative 'policy' manipulations are worked through, as well as several different trip functions and attractiveness measures. The chapter explores a simple employment–location model is worked through in a similar fashion. Intrametropolitan location models assume that the regional totals for various employment types will be exogenously provided. A number of different approaches have been taken towards modelling location of nonbasic employment. One implication of the requirement for these exogenously provided totals is that effects of growth or decline of regional employment are not dealt with in these models. The model to be illustrated here depends upon such a measure, but has, in addition, a lagged employment term which adds both reliability and stability to its forecast outputs.