chapter  3
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Development of the first integrated transportation and land-use package

This chapter describes the development, substance, and testing of the first version of the integrated package. It deals with improvements and modifications and with further testing and results of policy analysis from the later versions of the package. The chapter explores the package of models which was ultimately developed and tested as the central focus of this initial phase of the research. Despite several shortcomings, which are discussed, the land–use model that was selected for the operational integrated model package was the projective land–use model (PLUM). The principal connection from the PLUM models to the network model was via trip generation. The location of nonbasic or local–serving employment was generated in the PLUM and IPLUM models by home–to–shop and work–to–shop allocation functions based on transportation impedances and the locations of the activities. There were several correction factors in various subroutines of the PLUM computer program.